How It Works

How It Works


At Cero, we strive to make your End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) recycling process hassle-free and seamless. With our proven infrastructure and system, you will not have to worry about going through any complicated steps. Our name, ‘Cero’ stands for ‘Zero’ in Spanish and means Zero Waste, Zero Pollution and Zero Hassles.

Some of the key steps in our ELV recycling process are as follows:

1. Quotation

Provide us with information on your car, including its year, make, model, condition, and location. We will assess the information to come up with a quotation and make you an offer. We offer zero-obligation offers and you can decide on the offer at your discretion.

2. Vehicle Collection

You can choose a collection date and time convenient to you. Our technicians will inspect the vehicle to confirm its condition. We will pickup your vehicle from your location and transport it to our recycling plant. Payment will be made automatically after pickup is completed.

3. Support for Deregistration

Our legal team will issue the relevant documentation, including a certificate of destruction to you, to allow you to proceed with the deregistration of your recycled vehicle from your relevant R.T.O.

4. Depollution & Dismantling

Our technicians will remove all hazardous waste from the vehicle before beginning the scrapping process. This includes airbag neutralization and collection of fluid and CFC.

5. Extracting Recycled Material

All the ferrous and non-ferrous metals are extracted from your vehicle.

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